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The Roman Catholic Church

  1. Prayers for the dead, began about AD 300
  2. Veneration of Angels and dead saints, and use of images, 375
  3. The Mass, as a daily celebration, 394
  4. Beginning of the exaltation of Mary, the term "Mother of God" first applied to her by the council of Ephesus, 431
  5. Priests began to dress differently from laymen, 500
  6. Extreme Unction, 526
  7. The doctrine of Purgatory, established by Gregory I, 593
  8. Prayers directed to Mary, dead saints and angels, about, 600
  9. Kissing the pope's foot, began with Pope Constantine, 709
  10. Worship of the cross, images and relics, authorised in, 786
  11. Worship of St. Joseph, 890
  12. Canonization of dead saints, first by Pope John XV, 995
  13. The Mass, developed gradually as a sacrifice, attendance made obligatory in the 11th Century, 1000
  14. Celibacy of the priesthood, decreed by Pope Gregory VII (Hildebrand), 1079
  15. The Rosary, mechanical praying with beads, invented by Peter the Hermit, 1090
  16. The inquisition, instituted by the Council of Verona, 1184
  17. Sale of Indulgences, 1190
  18. Transubstantiation, proclaimed by Pope Innocent III, 1215
  19. Auricular Confession of sins to a priest instead of to God, instituted by Pope Innocent III, in Lateran Council, 1215
  20. Adoration of the wafer(host), decreed by Pope Honorius III, 1220
  21. Bible forbidden to laymen, placed on the Index of Forbidden Books by the Council of Valenica, 1229
  22. Cup forbidden to the people at communion by Council of Constance, 1414
  23. Purgatory proclaimed as a dogma by the Council of Florence, 1438
  24. The doctrine of Seven Sacraments affirmed, 1439
  25. Tradion declared of equal authority with the Bible by the Council of Trent, 1545
  26. Apocrypohal books added to the Bible by the Council of Trent, 1546
  27. Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary, proclaimed by Pope Pius IX, 1854
  28. Syllabus of Errors, proclaimed by Pope Pius IX, and ratified by the Vatican Council; condemned freedom of religion, conscience, speech, press, and scientific discoveries which are disapproved by the Roman Church; asserted the Pope's temporal authority over all civil rulers, 1864
  29. Infallibility of the Pope in all matters of faith and morals, proclaimed by the Vatican Council, 1870
  30. Assumption of the Virgin Mary (bodily ascension into heaven shortly after her death), proclaimed by Pope Pius XII, 1950
Many more unlisted are, monks, nuns, monasteries, convents, forty days lent, holy week, palm sunday, ash wednesday, all saints day, incense, holy oils, holy palms, christopher medals, charms, novenas, and many others...

Friday, July 08, 2005

My Testimonial
Being Christian in a Non-Christian World
My Plea to Non-Believers
Lyrics to Songs
Hymnpod - Traditional Humns Podcast - Christopher Tan

Welcome to my blog, I'm Luke and I started this blog to pen down some of my thoughts regarding what I believe in as a christian. In no way am I attempting to prove that I am superior in terms of knowledge.

For whatever you may disagree upon, or think is unright, please raise it up at my tag-board. I will answer what I can to my utmost best.

To contact me, you can send me sms through this number 93767336, or email me at sqxluke@gmail.com.

Feel free to use any material I have posted on my blog. * Note that not all posts here are mine.*

I hope through this blog may I be able to strengthen believers and bring non-believers to christ. Do pray for me. God bless you all.

Your faithful friend