8:32 AM
I composed a song not too long ago, before my A-level Prelims... it has since been written out in score and note form... Thanks to God for the inspiration he gave me.

I Thank you Lord

I once was lost in sin and shame,

Felt that life was nothing but a game,

Lived each day as though the same,

Like many others, blind and lame.

My life was always dull and plain,

There was much of sorrow, grief and pain,

There were times when I felt so faint

Ending my life would've been such a gain.


And I thank you Lord,

For calling my name.

And I thank you Lord,

For cleansing my stain.

With your blood set me free,

Made me able to see,

And I thank you Lord,

And I thank you Lord.

With Jesus, Life is not the same,

Many habits did I have to change,

Living life with meaning each day,

Without complain of burden or pain.

With Christ, I am now born again,

My sins have all been washed away,

My past I put aside,

And now I live with Christ by my side.

My life I give to you, O Lord,

I pray, you'll lead me with your word,

Give me strength with each new day,

Whether at school at work or at play.

I want to do your will, O Lord,

Grant me love, wisdom and faithfulness,

Use my mouth to praise your name,

Sharing your Word, both night and day.

My friend, I pray for you each day,

That someday, God may show you the way,

Open your eyes that you may realize,

How precious you are in God's eyes.

Dear friend, perhaps you might not know,

That Jesus really loves you so,

Maybe when you receive him too,

Your heart may echo this same tune.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

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Welcome to my blog, I'm Luke and I started this blog to pen down some of my thoughts regarding what I believe in as a christian. In no way am I attempting to prove that I am superior in terms of knowledge.

For whatever you may disagree upon, or think is unright, please raise it up at my tag-board. I will answer what I can to my utmost best.

To contact me, you can send me sms through this number 93767336, or email me at sqxluke@gmail.com.

Feel free to use any material I have posted on my blog. * Note that not all posts here are mine.*

I hope through this blog may I be able to strengthen believers and bring non-believers to christ. Do pray for me. God bless you all.

Your faithful friend